CV - Susan Proctor 

Web Designer - Web, IBM Mainframe and Client/Server Application Developer

Nationality: British

Languages: English, French, Persian (Farsi)

Address: Swayam, Auroville, 605101 Tamil-Nadu, India

Mobile: (+91)9443277081 (Whatsapp)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BSc (Hons) Operations Research and Applied Mathematics, Tehran, Iran

Mathematics and science high school diploma, Tehran, Iran


2005- To Date – Freelance web designer and Web Application Developer

I design and program fully customized private web applications for administrative purpose using  PHP/MySQL, javascript, HTML, CSS. 

I develope dynamic websites using Joomla CMS, Wordpress as well as online stores on any platerform. In particular, I specialize in the use of Magento plateform. Here are links to some of my recent works:,,,


2002 - Soleri-CSS, 15, rue de Pontoise,, 78100 St. Germain En Laye,France

Position: Project Manager, managing a project of standardizing Jcl for CREDIT AGRICOL INDOSUEZ in LUXUMBOURG on MVS mainframe platform, using Soleri's Object Management System called XMS. This project concerned standardization of Job names,dataset names and OPCs.

1999-2000 - Shell Service International B.V, Docter Van Zeelandstraat 1, 2265 BD, Leidschendam,Netherlands

Position: Data Migration Analyst for the Global Shell End to End Service Center(Peregrine's) rollout for Europe and Africa. Responsible for system testing of Inventory and Configuration management module of Peregrine's Service Center. Coordinator for the Service Center rollout (UAT) in France.

1997 - 1999RACONIX Europe Ltd, London, UK (permanent position)

Various projects, working on client projects/sites:

  • Cisi-Transtec (CS), Paris, France, Position: Analyst/Programmer, Hardware: RS/6000, UNISYS , Software: UNIX(AIX), ORACLE (SQL), pro*C, Responsibility: Conversion project, UNISYS / IDMSII (datasets) to ORACLE DBMS using SQL Loader. Conversion of dataaccess modules from ALGOL to ORACLE Pro*C..
  • Caisse d’Epargne Technical Center, Orléans, France, Position: Analyst/Programmer, Hardware: IBM Mainframe, PC, Software: MVS, DB2 OMS (Object Management System),Responsibility: Year2000 Impact study using Cisi-Transtec work bench..
  • Caisse d’Epargne Technical Center, Lille, France,Position: Analyst/Programmer, Hardware: IBM Mainframe, PC, Software: MVS/XA, CICS DB2, OMS(Object Management System), PACBASE, TSO ISPF, COBOL II ,Responsibility:Conversion and testing of 1000 COBOL 74 and PACBASE programs to COBOL II using CISI-TRANSTEC migration work bench.

1995 - 1996 South Western Electricity Board (SWEB), Plymouth, Devon, UK (contract position)

Position: Lead user support analyst for engineering applications, Hardware: IBM Mainframe 3090 Software: MVS/XA (TSO/ISPF) ORACLE (PL/SQL), MANTIS (4GL), DB2,

Responsible for the 'Fault Management System'. Analysis, writing technical specifications, programming, system testing and implementation of a new version of the system. redesigning the DB2 database for performance optimization of this most critical engineering system of the electricity board. data migration ORACLE to DB2 and vice versa using PL/SQL. Writing specifications for database interface modules and programming IBM mainframe / UNIX interface modules in PL/SQL.

1994 - IFIF, Paris - Intensive Technical Course(4 months training), UNIX, ORACLE, SQL, PRO*C, C++

1991 - 1994 - REUTER Monitor G.I.E, 1, rue Réaumur, 75080 Paris, France (permanent position)

Position: Analyst, Hardware: IBM Mainframe, PC Software: MVS/XA (TSO/ISPF) ORACLE , MANTIS (4GL), C, Visual Basic, COBOL, VSAM

Responsible for the study and specification of a new interactive application and major modifications to existing applications for internal administration of Reuter Europe. Programming, system testing and implementation. data migration, VSAM to ORACLE using SQL/C.

1989- 1990 Cisi-Transtec (CS), 3 rue Le Corbusier, Silic 232, 94528 Rungis cedex, France (contract position)

Various projects, working on client projects/ sites:

  • L'Alsacien Groupe Assurance, Strasbourg, France, Position: Conversion Analyst/Programmer data migration IDMS to DB2, Hardware: BULL to IBM mainframe, PC , Software: GCOS8, IDMS, MVS/XA (TSO/ ISPF) DB2,Responsibility:Conversion and testing of COBOL programs BULL to IBM and migration of the databases from IDMS to DB2.
  • France Télécom, Paris, France, Position: Conversion Analyst/Programmer, Hardware: IBM mainframe, PC , Software: MVS/XA (TSO/ ISPF), Responsibility: Conversion and testing of an assembler Macro language (LTR) towards a COBOL generator (DELTA).
  • CTRCEMPL, Caisse d'Epargne, Toulouse, France, Position: Data Migration Team Leader, Hardware: IBM mainframe, PC , Software: MVS/XA (TSO/ ISPF), COBOL, Transtec Migration Workbench (TRANSLOG), Responsibility: Organization, process, technical specification and programming of the data migration and conversion (ASCII to EBCDIC) of direct access and sequential files from NCR mainframe to IBM mainframe.

1989 - CINCOM Systems (UK) Limited, Nicholson House, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1LD, UK (contract position)

Position: Analyst, Hardware: ICL 3900, PC , Software: VME SCL, COBOL, MANTIS (4GL), TOTAL database, Responsibility: Development of an European Order Entry System, using CINCOM's Control Manufacturing system, MRPS, as adapted for the chemical industry.

1988 - IMS Data GmbH, Hahnstrasse 30-32, D-6000 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (contract position)

Position: Analyst, Hardware: IBM 4381 , Software: MVS (ISPF), CICS COBOL, VSAM, Responsibility: Programming of the General Addressing System, an interactive application for the storing and interrogation of patient's information by doctors and hospital personnel.

1987 - MGM Assurance, Heene Route, Worthing, BN11 2DY W. Sussex , UK (contract position)

Position: Analyst, Hardware: IBM mainframe , Software: DOS / VSE, TOTAL database, CICS, MANTIS 4GL, Easytrieve Plus, COBOL, Responsibility: Programming of the Pension Application.

1983-1986 Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, Station Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 1LX, UK (permanent position)

Position: Senior Analyst and team leader, Hardware: IBM mainframe , Software: MVS?XA, TOTAL database, CICS, MANTIS 4GL, TOTAL database, Easytrieve , COBOL, BASIC, PPL payroll

Responsibility: Systems analysis and design, writing technical specifications , programming and system integration testing. Responsible for user training and writing user manuals.

1979-1983 School of Technology (Kano Polytechnic), Kano, Nigeria. Position: Mathematics and Computer Science Lecturer

1978-1979 MADPA, IT consultants, Tehran, Iran. Position: COBOL programmer, accounting systems

1977-1978 ESTACADE, Tehran, Iran, Engineering consultant for public works.Position: FORTRAN programmer